John Schneider and Pete Carroll continue to refer to the makeover of the Seattle

Seahawks as a reset Cheap Leon Hall Jersey , even if it's looked more like rebuild.The roster that brought Seattle its first Super Bowl title was deconstructed this offseason in the most massive overhaul of the franchise since the infancy of the Schneider-Carroll partnership when they arrived in 2010. Left in the wake are some stars from that title team — Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright — and an abundance of new faces trying to prove the Seahawks aren't taking a major step backward after missing the playoffs in 2017 for the first time in five seasons."I feel like there is a different energy, a different vibe," Wagner said. "I feel like everybody is hungry, everybody has something to prove, and that brings an excitement."Seattle believes there won't be a backward slide because the principles of how it wants to play have only been reinforced by the offseason moves. The Seahawks want to run the ball to control possession with running backs Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny, and some tweaks to the offensive line. They want less pressure on Wilson in the pass game and hope receiver Brandon Marshall still has something left. They want to stop the run thanks to a defense that'll be focused even more on linebackers Wright and Wagner.Those are principles Carroll created when he arrived and Seattle slowly shifted away from them in some aspects. The run game fell apart after Marshawn Lynch departed. Wilson was the entirety of Seattle's offense a year ago. And a defense that was among the best just a few years ago was exposed last season as injuries decimated the once-dominant unit.That's partly why the likes of Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Jimmy Graham, coordinators Darrell Bevell and Kris Richard and offensive line coach Tom Cable all were sent away in the offseason.Seattle needed to get younger and fresher in the hopes this reset isn't just a bridge to 2019, but with the chance of being good now.Here's what else to know about the 2018 Seahawks:RETURN OF THE RUN: The addition of new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer only reinforced Carroll's determination that Seattle had gone away too much from its offensive principles. He built the Seahawks into a powerhouse by running the ball.So the Seahawks are going to run and they're not being secretive about it. Even though Carson flashed early last season before suffering a season-ending injury, Seattle still spent a first-round pick on Penny as a complement. A year ago, Seattle had one rushing touchdown from someone other than Wilson. No running back rushed for more than 240 yards for the season. If that happens again, the Seahawks' offense will be in trouble."We want to run the football. That's been crucial for our success," Carroll said. "It's part of the whole system and how it works. It's probably the part of our team that I'm most looking forward to."SAFETY PLAN: Safety Earl Thomas' holdout cast a shadow of questions over Seattle's training camp as to whether second-year safeties Tedric Thompson or Delano Hill are ready to be starters. Thompson is the most likely to step in immediately in Thomas' place as a free safety, while Hill is more apt to play strong safety, meaning Bradley McDougald would move to free safety.Whatever the mix ends up being, this is not what Seattle expected or wanted, and could make the secondary a weakness after years of being one of Seattle's great strengths.FIND THE RUSH: The trade of Bennett and the loss of Avril to a neck injury left Seattle with major questions on the defensive line , such as: Who can rush the passer? Frank Clark will be the primary focus after getting 22 sacks in 46 games in his first three seasons. But Seattle must find a complement to Clark. Whether it's Barkevious Mingo, Rasheem Green, Jacob Martin or someone from the interior of the line, Seattle needs to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks to keep its revamped secondary from being exposed.Dion Jordan was supposed to be that other pass rusher but another leg injury has sidelined the former top five pick for the entire training camp.SHAQUEM'S DREAM: Seattle drafted linebacker Shaquem Griffin because it believed his athleticism would be beneficial on special teams and potentially as a pass rusher. He may get a bigger role right from the start.Griffin could end up being Seattle's starting weakside linebacker in Week 1 after Wright underwent knee surgery. It's unclear if Wright will be healthy in time for the opener and Griffin —who had his left hand amputated as a child— has been Wright's backup throughout the offseason and training camp.If Griffin starts the opener it would only add to what's been one of the most uplifting stories of the offseason after Seattle drafted him in the fifth round and reunited Shaquem with his twin brother Shaquill.NO FAVORS: If Seattle can survive a front-loaded schedule, it could be in position for a playoff run late in the season. The Seahawks play four of their final five and five of the final seven games at home. Their only road game in the month of December is to San Francisco.But getting to December will be a challenge. The Seahawks open with four of six on the road, including a trip across the Atlantic Ocean to face the Raiders in London. Survive that rough start, and there may be a chance for a late surge into contention.Jon Gruden says he ‘had nothing to do with’ negotiations with Khalil Mack but Raiders not ‘anywhere close’ to what Bears offered A day after the Raiders made the decision to ship off the best defensive player they’ve drafted in two decades, Jon Gruden was set to take to the podium to explain why. There were a few reasons given for trading Khalil Mack. Mostly it had to do with what the Raiders were willing to pay Mack wasn’t enough. But the Bears also made it interesting with their offer in trade.“The negotiation was what it was. It was tough. It was a long process,” said Gruden. “We talked about it daily, we made an offer, I don’t think we were anywhere close to where the Bears were and the Bears made us an offer of what we thought was really unique. Very, very tough to say goodbye to a great player, but here we are today.”The Bears gave Mack a 6-year extension that pays him an averaged of $23.5 million per season. Early reports this offseason had Mack’s people asking for $22 million, but clearly that changed when Aaron Donald got his $22.5 million deal.The main parts of the deal were two first round picks to Oakland for Mack and a second round pick. Why there was a second round pick in there along with Mack is anyone’s guess. But despite having just said “We talked about it daily, we made an offer” and coming in on a 10-year $100 million contract to have his hands on everything to do with this squad swears he said had nothing to do with the negotiations or the details of the trade.“I’m not gonna get into the negotiation,” said Gruden. “Reggie and Tom Delaney and the people that were negotiating were involved in that. I know there’s maybe some feelings that I was involved on a day-to-day negotiation, I had nothing to do with it. We were at a standoff. Something had to happen and here we are.”There were options instead of making this trade right now. They could have waited to see if Mack reported and force him to play out his contract or at least wait a while to get that deal. From there, there was the franchise tag which they had at their disposal to be used twice. That would ensure Mack were still with the team for the next three years at least. But Gruden says he didn’t see that scenario playing out well.“We have waited. We waited and waited and the Rams game was looming,” said Gruden. “Our feeling was he was not going to report anytime soon and like I said, I saw the Redskins go through it with Kirk Cousins, this long process. You can wait it out Gabe Jackson Jersey , you can franchise him, you can force him to play, but we made a decision and we’re going to stand by it.”Gruden also said his thought process was that had he waited until next offseason to make this deal, the Raiders wouldn’t have gotten two first round picks. Which, technically, they didn’t even get that free and clear considering they had to include a second round pick as well.As for why the Raiders didn’t give Mack an extension, he deferred to the salary cap and unforeseen future spending and “a salary of that magnitude”, adding that it’s hard to pay Derek Carr his contract as well as what Khalil Mack wanted. “I don’t know how many teams have done that,” Gruden said of paying top dollar money for two players. “Aaron Donald got signed, they don’t have a quarterback that has been redone yet. The Bears made this trade, Trubisky’s still on his rookie deal. It’s tough when you have two players that are the highest paid or close to the highest paid at their positions. So, the economic part of it certainly weighs in. We’ve got free agents on our team that are gonna be [up] next year. We gotta find a way to bring them back. So you got to field a 53-man roster and there are some implications of having two players making that much money. That’s not mystery to anybody.”For what it’s worth, the 49ers were also said to be interested in trading for Mack and they just paid Jimmy Garroppolo big money this offseason.What that big money would be is another story. Carr’s only actual $25 million season is this year. He’s also not the highest paid QB in the league, he’s the 6th highest paid, and his cap amount next year — when Mack’s extension would kick in — drops to $22.5 million and continues to drop in subsequent years. The Bears didn’t add anything to Mack’s $13.8 million cap hit this year in how they structured his deal, but had the Raiders done that (They had over $8 million to play with) they could lower his cap number in future seasons as well putting the combined number between Mack and Carr around $40 million per season, which isn’t unreasonable.But, that’s neither here nor there now. The Raiders were unwilling to pay whatever it would have costed to keep Mack and preferred future draft picks instead.Now the Raiders must go into this season without their best defensive player and nothing to show for it until next year. And even then, we won’t see the fruits of that trade for a couple years. Despite promises they would do their damndest to win in Oakland before they split for Vegas in 2020.“It’s tough,” Gruden said of fielding the best possible team right away. “It wasn’t my goal to trade Khalil when we got here. One of the reasons I’m here is because of him.”That was one of the reasons Raiders fans wanted Gruden here as well. To hopefully take a cornerstone piece like Mack and bring this team to the next level. Now that celebrated 2014 draft upon which this team is built has lost a major piece of its foundation. And it could take a while to rebuild it.Follow @LeviDamien

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