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Let's face it Rodney Hudson Jersey , not everyone is built for camping. But you've decided to make a go of it because someone invited you or it's a family outing and you can't say no. You've never camped before and you're feeling nervous. The best way to make the most out of these situations is to be prepared. There's no sense in making things more challenging than it has to be.

Preparing for a camping trip is just like preparing for any other trip. You will need to know the resources you have available. For instance, will you be driving to a camp site where you can use your vehicle for storage or will you be backpacking? Obviously, in one scenario you can pile on more luxuries, and in the other scenario you'll need to be more selective in your choices.

It is always a good idea to write out what you require but here are the must haves on any camping trip:

First aid kit
Cash, credit cards Gabe Jackson Jersey , checks
Water - either bottled water or a water purifier
Food - canned or dehydrated or meals ready to eat (civilian MRE)
Waterproof matches or a butane lighter
Multipurpose tool such as a Swiss army knife
Flashlight and batteries
Wind up radio

The above items describe what should be in an emergency survival kit and it's always a good idea to do dry runs and what better way to check the inventory than by going camping ' just make sure you replenish the items. Depending on the type of camping you're doing, you will work around the emergency kit as the foundation.

Instead of adding items haphazardly to what you will be bringing camping, make multiple lists depending on groupings. Groupings can include a list for toiletries, clothing, shelter Seth Roberts Jersey , cooking tools, food and water supplies and other miscellaneous items. Here are examples for each list.


Toothbrush, toothpaste
Toilet paper
Shampoo, soap
Comb, brush


Rain gear
Extra clothing


Tent Bruce Irvin Jersey , tent poles, stakes
Ground cloth
Hammer, shovel
Sleeping bags

Cooking Tools

Pots and pans
Camp stove
Fuel, lighter fluid, charcoal
Plates Kelechi Osemele Jersey , cups

Food and Water Supplies

Meats, fruits and vegetables
Canned food
Can opener
Meals Ready to Eat
Bottled jugs
Water purification tablets
Water pump system

Miscellaneous Items

Hunting, fishing licenses
Insect repellent

The above lists serve only as examples and should be customized according to your camp surroundings. Furthermore, always remember to leave notice of your whereabouts and when you'll be expected back to family members not accompanying you on the trip.

When a camping trip is well planned out, it makes for a more enjoyable experience for all involved!

The Ministry of Culture is planning to inspect 200 randomly selected online games operators Marshawn Lynch Jersey , after having served dozens of warnings for various violations.

The ministry will directly examine 50 operators, while authorities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou will review 30 each Karl Joseph Jersey , the ministry said Wednesday.

The 200 targets account for about 13 percent of the online game operators in the country.

The checks will focus on operators that use banned content, import games without approval, are unlicensed, or fail to use real-name registrations for players.

Last month, the ministry urged 26 operators to rectify violations ranging from running banned games to failure to use real-name registrations.

Among them Eddie Vanderdoes Jersey , 16 groups provide online games that involve pornography, gambling and content "against social ethics."

Other violations include failing to inform the public ahead of suspending a game or take measures to prevent minors becoming addicted to their games.

In China, online game operators must prevent minors from playing for too long, and use measures such as reducing or even invalidating their in-game gains after a time-limit.

The ministry said it planned to launch similar inspections on a regular basis, covering all game operators within two years Gareon Conley Jersey , with more frequent checks on repeat offenders.

CAIRO, April 25 (Xinhua) -- Massive security presence is seen in the Egyptian capital city of Cairo and nationwide on Monday amid calls for anti-government protests urged by some political forces against Egypt's recent deal to transfer two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia.

The police beefed up security in the iconic Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo and surrounding streets that witnessed the 18-day uprising that ousted long-time leader Hosni Mubarak in early 2011.

On Sunday, the Egyptian Interior Ministry warned in a statement that security forces "will confront so strictly and decisively any acts that may undermine security," warning against a plot to drive a wedge between the police and the citizens.

"Violating the law will not be allowed under any name," the police statement said. "Security and stability of the nation and the safety of its citizens constitute a red line."

Meanwhile, the army deployed its vehicles to protect vital state institutions across the country including security premises, ministries, authorities and others.

On April 15, political forces including April 6 Youth Movement and liberal and leftist parties supported by former presidential candidates, protested the recent Egyptian-Saudi maritime demarcation agreement to hand over the islands of Tiran and Sanafir to the oil-rich Gulf country.

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