While the bye week didn’t exactly do them a

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ny favors the Dallas Cowboys are still well within striking distance in the NFC East. Talking about playoffs is always a big thing Color Rush Chidobe Awuzie Jersey , but the Cowboys are in the middle of the pack in their conference and have a fair shot.This has felt like a season of importance for the brain trust of the Cowboys, specifically head coach Jason Garrett. While the club technically had a winning record a season ago there’s no question that it was a disappointment from the 13-win campaign a year before it. The Cowboys are expected to win and to win now. That’s not a good thing if they’re not doing it.The world saw the front office make a few choice decisions over the offseason. Perhaps their two biggest bets were going with a cast of question marks at wide receiver and bringing in a new offensive line coach that taught an unusual technique. Had those moves worked out then we’d be sitting here celebrating what the Cowboys did, that’s common sense. Considering the wide receiver group and offensive line have both been bad through seven games they are rightfully being faced with a lot of questions.The Cowboys are owning up to their own poor decisionsA week ago the Cowboys shipped their first-round draft pick out of town to bring in wide receiver Amari Cooper. This was a flat out admission that their previous philosophy wasn’t working and that they needed a (hopeful) superstar at the position. Good for them for not only realizing this but acting on it, although obviously everyone wishes they’d paid less.Bye weeks are a unique set of seven days that offer the time to pull off moves like these. They also offer time for reflection. The Cowboys seemingly reflected on what used to be the best element of their team in their offensive line and realized that it was in fact playing to suboptimal levels. They also made a change there on Monday when they fired Paul Alexander, promoted Marc Colombo, and brought back Hudson Houck. Geoff Burke-USA TODAY SportsPlenty of people are at a “doesn’t matter what changes they make, they’re doomed” standpoint with the Cowboys, but such is life rooting for America’s Team. While yes, the Cowboys obviously erred in some of their decisions over the offseason, the fact that they would do everything that they could to rectify it with time left is certainly commendable. The reality here is that a lot hangs in the balance with the Cowboys. These next nine games that they’ll play are going to determine a lot of outcomes and fates. It was confounding how a team that was seemingly up against a wall had such a passive disposition when it came to how they built their roster and staff, not to mention how conservative the Cowboys have been in their losses.Perhaps the Cowboys are proverbially pushing in all of their chips here. Maybe they realize that they are somewhat all-in. If the team doesn’t do something noteworthy between now and January they are going to have a lot of questions to answer. For now those questions will continue to linger, but what will not continue to fester is the passive nature we saw from September to now. The Cowboys are done watching themselves sink. They’re trying to make a swim of it at this point. Whether or not they will remains to be seen but for now they deserve credit for giving it what they’ve got. So, have you heard about the Dallas Cowboys trading a 2019 first-round draft pick to the Oakland Raiders for WR Amari Cooper? If not Color Rush Joe Looney Jersey , let me be the first to congratulate you for coming out of your coma. It was, without question, the biggest story in the NFL on Monday. Such is life in the Cowboys fan base, of course. Just look at the comparative shrug about the New York Giants trading Eli Apple to the New Orleans Saints to see just how Dallas is on everyone’s mind, all the time. But now that we have had a bit of time to digest things, just what does this all mean? What Cooper brings to the offense is of course the most important part of that. It is hardly the only thing to take away, however. Here are some possible effects for both the short and long term.There are some big ifs, but this should be a major shot in the arm for the offense.Let me borrow this from the inestimable One Cool Customer.While it will still depend a bit on Dak Prescott making better and, more importantly, quicker reads, this certainly looks like something that can simplify that for him. On just about any passing play, his first read should be Cooper or Michael Gallup, with Cole Beasley as his second option underneath. And with both Cooper and Gallup to occupy the defense’s attention Color Rush Taco Charlton Jersey , Beasley should be open more often. The saucy one may be the biggest beneficiary of the trade, after Prescott. And that is not saying he is not going to get some good targets from the other two. We saw what Gallup can do on that 49-yard touchdown against Washington, and Cooper’s route running is his greatest strength. (For those with access, John Owning has an excellent and detailed look at that at the DMN.) Dak is limited in his ability to see routes that are going to come open, so having not one but two wide receivers who can make moves to be so uncovered will only help him - and Beasley is no slouch at that, either. This all depends on the players doing their part, and that includes the entire offense. But if it works out, this could become one of the more important moves in recent memory.Suddenly having such a clear cut top three receivers rather than the “by committee” approach is a significant and now much needed development. And that may have some future impact on the coaching ranks.That idea of not having a clear WR1 was a huge failure, the pressure is on Scott Linehan to succeed nowScott Linehan will need a strong performance over the final nine games to help his cause. It is on Linehan to prove that he can get the job done with the new addition, excuses about not having any weapons will ring hollow. If things do not work out, then the wish so many have for a new OC may come true. Even if the offense gains significant new life, the fact that the team struggled for the first seven games still may lead to a change. And that may also ripple throughout the offensive assistants, as some others have some things to answer for http://www.authenticsdallascowboys.com/cheap-antwaun-woods-jersey , such as the struggles of the offensive line under Paul Alexander.There may be a sea change happening in talent acquisition.One reason the Cooper trade was such a shock to most of us was that cost. The Cowboys have had a lot of success with their first-round picks recently, so much so that it was thought they would never part with one for Cooper, no matter how big the need. But they pulled that trigger. The logic that has been presented is solid as the 2019 wide receiver crop does not seem to have any players worthy of a high-to-mid first round selection, and Dallas was reportedly zeroing in on that position in the first. What is most intriguing is what that may indicate about the thinking towards roster building. If the Cowboys have a flaw there, it is in overvaluing draft picks and being gun-shy about spending in free agency. But 2019 is going to be comparatively uncharted territory for Dallas, as they are currently slated to have $55 million in cap space, even including Cooper’s nearly $14 million hit. Given how good Stephen Jones and his staff is at creating cap space, the Cowboys can now go after anyone and find a way to make it work. That is even with the big decisions looming on new deals and extensions on several key players like DeMarcus Lawrence.We don’t really know if things have really changed, but this is already a fairly major departure from business as we have come to expect. It is going to be a fascinating story to watch next year. Many Cowboys observers who have long criticized the Cowboys for not taking any risks or investing enough in the roster now complain about that first-round pick they spent. Sometimes it’s hard to win, unless you win.Now, about those playoff chances.Truly, it all comes down to whether this works out on the field. While the frustrating and hugely disappointing loss to Washington hurt things, the NFC East is still a winnable division. The New York Giants are all but out of it Color Rush Brett Maher Jersey , the Philadelphia Eagles have started to show some real flaws, and Washington won on Sunday as much because of the blunders and bad decisions made by Dallas as anything. If this is the boost to the offense we hope, the Cowboys could make a real run and get to the postseason. That is the biggest if of all, of course. In one move, the Cowboys are trying to change their fortunes. After the latest road loss, the doom and gloom was palpable and growing. Now, there is hope things can change. We still have to find out if it is real or false. It might be best to not worry so much about the cost of the trade and focus on what Cooper can bring to the table. If the scouting department got this one right, the rest of the season may just be a lot of fun to watch.

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